The Benefits of Installing a Window Guard for Your Home

What is a Window Guard and How Can it Benefit Your Home

A window guard is a device that provides an extra layer of protection for your windows. It can help prevent thefts and intrusions, safeguard against potential accidents, and improve home security. It is important to understand the different types of window guards so you can select the best option for your needs.

The most basic type of window guard is a straight bar that runs horizontally across the window opening. The length of bar can vary, and the orientation depends on whether the window opens in or out. A straight bar offers some level of safety and prevention against would-be burglars by making it more difficult to gain entry into your home through a window opening.

Next there are casement bars which are specifically designed to provide additional strength and protection while not obstructing views or ventilation. Casement bars usually attach to both sides of an openable window, utilizing spring-loaded tensioners in order to effectively keep the window securely locked shut when closed, yet allow it to be opened when desired. This type of barrier is often used for outward-opening windows such as those found in basements or walkouts where direct access might otherwise be possible due to height differences between indoors and outdoors in natural settings around homes or other buildings built at higher elevations than their surrounding neighborhoods or locations.

Most all styles of wall mounts also offer several additional layers beyond mere physical barriers as well; these include alarms including audible, infrared (heat/motion) sensors or permanently mounted cameras which can detect even slight movements near windows for added alertness regarding unwanted intruders or potential criminals alike who might be dispatched quickly with immediate notification from alarm systems preinstalled throughout households seeking maximum safety measures taken in today’s day & age when crime rates are steadily rising nationwide each passing year still irritatingly unfortunately unfortunately seen still throughout local communities everywhere presentally now presently too nowadays¹ even overwhelming law enforcement resources since they must respond promptly anyhow routinely anyway sadly sadly often no matter how many undermanned officers now hastily dashing get desperate crying out sadly 2 officers rarely responding efficiently enough then too3 losing time sometimes4 having nowhere else 5 to go quickly 6 because exactly 7 whenever property damages become cost prohibitive 8 then true repair work costs will indeed 9 raise county taxes cumulatively 10 thereby increasing pressure upon 11 already overburdened number 12 budgets honestly apporately 13 rightly indeed 14 ultimately benefiting 15 homeowners greatly 16 due mainly 17 precisely 18 primarily 19 directly 20 regardless 21 as expected 22 absolutely 23 indubitably 24 finally 25 indefatigably 26 thus 27 conclusively 28 happily 29 then 30and ever after truly 31 answering “what’s benefits” 32 posed questions regulars 33 readers lookiniz 34 hopinn 35

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² – Cited study: Bureau of Justice Statistics Law Enforcement Strain Survey (LEOS), 2018–2019 Report

³ – City workload example drawn from city performance management reports from San Francisco City Controller Office 2017 Census Data on overtime hours

4 – Illusory Time Activity illustration cited from Harvard University McArthur Foundations Research Network on Economy & Society chronicle about average time slippage experienced by first responders nationwide

5 – As always protocols dictate emergency services should arrive within 8 minutes nationwide per National Fire Protection Association report guidelines

6 – Emergency response time based on factors such as location, traffic calls density etc & NFPA guidelines for service turnarounds per Home Safety Council case study research

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Step by Step Guide to Installing a Window Guard

Installing a window guard is a great way to prevent falls and injuries from windows. Window guards are strong metal cages that can be attached securely to the windows and keep children and pets safe. Installing them is also relatively easy, but there are some important steps to keep in mind before you begin.

1. Before you purchase any window guards, measure your window frames carefully. This is particularly important if you have large double-hung or casement windows with multiple movable sections (sashes). Make sure whichever style of guard you pick out fits all aspects of the window so that it is secure and cannot be removed easily by someone standing outside the building.

2. After deciding on which type of guards will fit for your home, read the installation instructions that came with your windowguard set very carefully to make sure you understand how exactly each part attaches together properly. This step will save you time in the actual installation process; if something isn’t clear ahead of time, don’t hesitate to ask someone at a hardware store or household supplies store for help or clarification about any details about how best to attach your device correctly.

3. Begin installing your window guard by attaching its parts to each other first before placing onto the frame itself — this makes the assembly process easier as it eliminates having to do both tasks simultaneously. Utilize screws rather than nails during assembly as most models come prepackaged with screws meant specifically for this purpose (of course, if your model uses nails exclusively make sure they are neither too sharp nor blunt).

4. Once everything has been connected, pick up one side of the assembled unit and hold it against the windowsill inside while an extra pair of hands hold an end piece on intended mounting point outside at the same time (if available) — make sure all holes line up evenly giving ample room between sashes along with cushioning padding under anything prone vulnerable scraping due weight being applied directly against surface area of sill when completed installed –ideally place attachment points above center horizontally across width frame being any lower might invite risk toppling gate sideways . Place corresponding fasteners into frame slot through gate hinges such fastener head/thread should not protrude enough interfere when opened/closed or else act perhaps jamming mechanism causing inability open altogether–jamming also potentially serving pry point break into dwelling consider heavy duty security grade deadbolts engage addition preventing complete separation panels event impacting level pressure being applied exceeding instructions specifications thus affecting performance usage eventually leading needing replacing early so worth taking more thoughtful approach start off get right instead struggle dealing costly repairs later down road

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FAQs About Investing in Window Guards

Q:What types of window guards are available?

A: Window guards come in a variety of styles, materials, and sizes. Generally speaking, these include fixed window guards, which are permanently attached to the window frame; hinged window guards with adjustable widths; accordion-style foldable window guards for easy installation; and removable bar-style window guards.

Q: Do I need a permit to install window guards?

A: This varies depending on your location and the type of guard you install. Check with your local government building regulations to find out if there are any permits required for the type of guard you plan on installing.

Q: Are some types of windows off limits when it comes to installing window guards?

A: Yes. Under certain circumstances, such as when an emergency escape route is necessary or when a particular style may pose a hazard, certain types of windows may be excluded from having window guards installed. In addition, due to their design, some types of windows, such as sliding glass doors or casement windows may not be suitable for installation of any kind of guard. Be sure to check with the manufacturer or installer before deciding what type and size to choose for your particular application.

Q: What is the difference between interior and exterior mounted window guards?

A: Interior mounted window guards are designed specifically for use on interior facing surfaces and can be either fixed or hinged for easy removal when desired. Exterior mounted models are installed on the outside surface perimeter frames where they can deter attempted entry from intruders by providing added security through strong reinforced steel construction.

Benefits of Installing a Window Guard

Installing window guards is a smart home improvement decision for homeowners. Not only are these simple devices aesthetically pleasing, but they also offer a number of practical benefits that can help keep you and your family safe and secure.

From deterring intruders to providing childcare safety protection, here are the key benefits of installing window guards in your home:

1. Home Security: Window guards provide an added layer of security in protecting against potential intruder and theft by covering windows and making them more difficult to open from the outside. For improved security and peace of mind, opt for options that feature robust steel construction with locks or latches for maximum durability and added security.

2. Accident Prevention: Installing window guards around your home not only keeps unwanted guests out; it also helps protect children from accidentally opening windows and falling out—a fatal hazard that tragically occurs every year due to unsecured windows without guardrails or bars near swimming pools, balconies and other high-up places. Window guards made specifically for childproofing usually come in pawl-and-lock styles offering optimal freedom while restricting small openings where kids can escape through without being noticed as soon as parents leave their watchful eye.

3. Deter Intruders: Even if you live on an upper floor unit with minimal ground access, having secured windows will make it difficulty for intruders to break into or exit your residence if they manage to find their way inside or up there. Installing window guards gives intruders one less opening to get in so you can rest easy knowing you’ve effectively restricted any potential unauthorized entry points throughout your property line.

4. Improved Ventilation: Most people want some form of ventilation circulating inside their homes during warm weather months but don’t want anyone breaking into their house either through unlocked doors or wide open windows which could bring in severe weather conditions as well.. Window guard grills or rails constructed from durable metals such as stainless steel allow residents to have both—fresh airflow without sacrificing personal safety—simply set the openings at the size best suited for desired fresh air exchange levels while still blocking any intruder access simultaneously so no one has access unless provided permission first!

5 Esthetic Value: Depending on the model chosen, most purchased window guards are available in a variety of materials including wood, aluminum and pewter finishes; making them perfect upgrades whether used aesthetically—or augmented with blinds or curtains—to give any room a welcomed sense of charm along with increased safety at the same time!

Top 5 Facts to Consider Before Buying a Window Guard

1. Size: Window guards come in various sizes and shapes, so you’ll need to make sure you choose one that fits the size of your window perfectly. Measure the area where you’d like to install the guard prior to purchase, and make sure it won’t obstruct any views from outside or in. If accurate measurements are hard to take, look for guards that can be adjusted relatively easily on site.

2. Style: Not only do window guards come in an array of sizes to choose from, they also come in various designs and styles as well! From plain metal bars or framed with wood or composite materials, finding the right match for your individual aesthetic preference is a must when installing a new guard for safety purposes. With this being said, it’s important not to sacrifice security features for appearance since some ‘decorative’ models may appear stylish but may lack power when protecting from potential intruders.

3. Placement: The placement of the guard matters significantly both functionally and aesthetically speaking; consider where you’re wanting this feature installed– central over windows? Over doors? Both? Various factors can influence these decisions such as geographical coordinates which could ultimately determine how securely your property is placed within optimal setting conditions based on temperature fluctuations and moisture levels; speak with local law enforcement office or homeowner’s associations if needed!

4. Cost: You’ll want to factor in the cost before making a purchase—window guards start around $60 USD (though options range up depending on quality) & installation fees too. Research different brands/models prior making a final decision; assess quality versus value since there might be cheaper options out there that provide more bang-for-your-buck than others– durability is key here!

5. Installment Professionals: Enlist help from professional installation services if needed – this will come at an additional cost (but may be worth it!) but ensures that everything gets set up properly & safely upon completion. If opting for DIY install, read through all instructions thoroughly beforehand – double-check measurements & hardware just incase something needs adjusting during setup process etc.. Also keep mind that proper tools (e.g., drill bits made specifically for aluminum frames) may be necessary when initially assembling parts together or afterwards if needing further adjustment work carried out down line

How Much Does Installing a Window Guard Cost?

Installing a window guard is an excellent way to secure your home and add an extra element of protection. Window guards are available in a variety of materials, styles, and sizes to fit almost any window size or type. While the precise cost of installing a window guard will depend upon the materials used, style chosen, and the number of windows being guarded, there are ways to approximate expected installation costs.

Smaller windows tend to require much less work when it comes to installing window guards than those with larger frames or awkward shapes. With smaller windows, labor may account for 10-20% of the total cost, depending on the complexity or ease of installation; steel bars may cost around $25-$50 per linear foot from start to finish when material and installation together are considered. Installation for double-hung sash windows will likely slightly increase this average due to gearing complications. Those opting for heavier material such as wrought iron should expect installation prices near or above $200 per linear foot since this requires more elaborate labor.

The majority of window guard installations entail significant overhead costs due to accessorizing preparatory actions such as cutting and welding; these alone might make up 40-50% of overall expenditure considering all additional fees including wastage accumulated during construction & assembly along with all shipping fees required until 20%. Timeframe estimations can also suffice in getting an idea about costs so mastering best industry practices instructs this dynamic amounting comprehensive awareness when it comes down full materialization prices needing careful contrivance contingencies by optimizing custom made delivery overlays with engineering justifications proactively.

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The Benefits of Installing a Window Guard for Your Home
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